Hezbollah’s Vast ‘Land of Tunnels’ Can Reportedly Accommodate ‘Pick-up Trucks With Rocket Launchers’

After the 2014 Gaza War, the discovery of tunnels dug by the militant organisation Hamas prompted the IDF to boost the search for cross-border Hezbollah tunnels. In 2013 locals in northern israel reported hearing digging, but nothing was found. Israeli Defence Forces finally used seismic sensors and radar systems to locate the structures in 2018.

A vast inter-regional Hezbollah tunnel system linking different parts of Lebanon is designed to swiftly and covertly relocate personnel and weapons, dodging the israel Defence Forces, warns the Alma Center.

In its report, “Land of tunnels”, released on 12 August, the independent findings of which are yet to be corroborated, the tunnel system is described as being large enough to accommodate pick-up trucks with multi-barrel rocket launchers.

Possibly connecting the Beirut area, Hezbollah’s central headquarters, and the Beqaa area to Southern Lebanon, it can ostensibly allow “hundreds of combatants, fully equipped, to pass stealthily and rapidly underground,” claims the non-profit that is dedicated to researching the security challenges on Israel’s northern borders.

The subterranean structures are also said to be able to accommodate movement of motorcycles, ATVs, and other small vehicles “for the purpose of reinforcing defence positions or for carrying out an attack in a safe, protected, and invisible manner.”

The Lebanese tunnels are believed to contain everything from underground command rooms, weapons, supply…

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