Barack Obama Lied When Declared End of US War in Afghanistan in 2014, Book Says


In December 2014, then-US President Barack Obama announced that the Afghan war, which started in 2001 as a response to 9/11 terrorist attacks, had ended. He promised that all US troops would be pulled out of the country, but it took another seven years to kick-start the final step of the withdrawal.

According to a new book dedicated to the Afghan war, President Barack Obama lied about US participation in the conflict when he said it had ended, as to “conjure up an illusion” and make Americans think that US forces would stay out of the conflict.

As the author, Craig Whitlock, wrote in his book “The Afghanistan Papers: A Secret History of the War”, expected to be released by the end of this year, Obama had made the announcement because the American public had become tired of the protracted conflict.

According to Whitlock, despite the US military commanders stressing then that the mission would be “limited to “’noncombat’ roles as trainers and advisers” for Afghan forces, the “Pentagon carved out numerous exceptions that, in practice, made the distinctions almost meaningless”.

The author wrote that the US troops continued to sustain losses, and the military hadn’t seen the difference as Afghanistan remained “a combat zone”.

By Obama’s December 2014 announcement, troop levels had been reduced in half to 16,100 and later to 9,800. The president then pledged that after his departure from the office in 2017, 5,500 US forces…

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