As Taliban Advances in Afghanistan, Local Political Analyst Warns Civil War Might be a Matter of Days

Although the Islamist group boasts up to 85,000 fighters, far fewer than Afghan government forces, it has managed to establish control of many provinces and major cities. The reason for this is their popularity with the public and the morale boost that followed the Doha agreement.

As the US and NATO continue to withdraw their forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban claims to have seized three more provincial capitals, which gave them control of 65 percent of the nation.

Other reports suggest that the insurgent group might isolate the capital Kabul within just 30 days. It’ll take them some 90 days to complete the offensive on the Afghan capital.

Living in Fear

Fahim Sadat, the head of the international relations department at Kardan University in Kabul, says that the general mood on the streets is one of “fear and anxiety”. 

According to a United Nations report, more than 5,000 women and children were killed in Afghanistan in the first half of 2021, one of the highest figures for this metric since 2009, when the UN started registering losses on the ground.

Nearly 300,000 others have been displaced since January. Millions of others live in poverty and are in constant need of humanitarian assistance.

Inevitable Fall?

Sadat explains the deteriorating conditions in his country by pinning the blame on the “abrupt” American withdrawal and their reliance the Taliban keeping their word that they would go by international agreements, and on the unpreparedness of the Afghan…

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