Taliban Reportedly Seizes Afghan Army Headquarters at Kunduz Airport – Videos

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The security situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated dramatically over the past week, with the Taliban capturing at least nine provincial capitals. The offensives come amid the ongoing withdrawal of US and coalition forces. All foreign forces apart from a 500-troop strong contingent of Turkish troops is expected to be gone by the end of August.

Afghan government officials have confirmed that Taliban* fighters have seized the army headquarters at Kunduz airport, thus bringing to an end the militia’s campaign in the region.

Unauthenticated video footage purported to have been filmed at the airport, including footage released by the Taliban’s Telegram channel, shows fighters standing inside or near the base, and posing with trophy equipment, including a rotorless Mil Mi-24 helicopter gunship on a runway.

Additional footage shows taliban fighters collecting weapons, supposedly captured from surrendering Afghan army forces.

The Taliban took the strategic city of Kunduz, situated in northeastern Afghanistan, on 8 August. The city is one of nine urban areas seized by the militant group in less than a week’s time as numerically superior, NATO-trained forces disintegrate in the face of the Taliban advance.

Earlier Wednesday, an Afghan official said that “hundreds of soldiers, police and members of the resistance forces who were stationed at the airport” had surrendered to the Taliban with all their…

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