Iran Warns Its Air Defences Keeping ‘Watchful Eye’ Over Sensitive Airspace Amid Raging Gulf Tensions

Middle East

The Islamic Republic has one of the densest and most sophisticated air defence networks in the Middle East, and the country’s military industry has created a number of advanced, combat-tested missile systems, including the Khordad-3 road-mobile medium-range air defence platform, which shot down a US spy drone over the Strait of Hormuz in 2019.

Iran’s air defence troops are keeping “a watchful eye” over the country’s airspace and won’t allow any enemy aerial aggression to take place, Air Defence Force Commander Brig. Gen. Alireza Sabahifard has announced.

The commander emphasised that the northern Indian Ocean and strategic areas of southeastern Iran were “completely covered” by his command’s air defence umbrella and enjoyed complete security.

Sabahifard pointed to the special importance of the Chabahar air defence group, whose mission includes monitoring and protecting the skies of an area over the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf to the west and the Indian Ocean and East Asia to the east.

Sabahifard stressed that Iran has means to detect, observe, and monitor any flying object of any radar cross section, as well as “powerful systems and weapons” to use against them in the event of enemy aggression.

“For the sake of our authority and dignity, we will not allow any mistake by enemies,” he stressed, adding that the use of fully indigenously-developed air defence systems and trained…

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