GOP Leader Blasts Biden Over Afghan Pullout as Pentagon Admits ‘Not Much’ it Can do to Save Kabul

All NATO forces apart from a contingent of Turkish troops left behind to guard the Kabul airport are expected to evacuate Afghanistan by the end of the month. The Taliban* has warned that all foreign troops must go. The deteriorating security situation has prompted all of Afghanistan’s neighbours to beef up border security.

Hawkish Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has slammed President Joe Biden over his decision to pull all troops out of America’s “Forever War” in Afghanistan, claiming the White House’s strategy has no rhyme or reason.

Recalling his opposition to Biden’s decision when he made the pullout announcement in April, McConnell pointed out that his position was supported by some prominent neoliberals, as well as intelligence agencies, who recommended that the US remain in Afghanistan indefinitely after the 19+ long year occupation.

The top Republican lawmaker went on to criticise the Pentagon over its inability to support Afghan government forces, who have faced major setbacks against the Taliban in recent days, from afar.

Referring to the Taliban as “murderous theocrats,” the lawmaker pointed to reports that the group had recently killed nearly 1,000 people in Kandahar province, and warned that the group now has more territory under its control than it has at any other time since the 2001 US invasion.

The senator warned that the Afghanistan withdrawal would “embolden” al-Qaeda* and threaten “not only the region but the…

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