Despite Post-Covid ‘Macho’ Bravado, Donald Trump ‘Clenched his Teeth’ in Fear, Claims New Book


Mary Lea Trump, daughter of Donald Trump’s older brother, Fred, who died in 1981, has levelled relentless criticism at the ex-POTUS and his family, with her 2020 bestseller, Too Much and Never Enough, selling nearly one million copies on the day of its release.

Underneath the outward bravado, Donald Trump was “afraid” during his White House appearance shortly after being treated for COVID-19, reveals a new book by his estranged niece, Mary Trump, cited by The Guardian.

The American psychologist and author claims to have recognized the “pained” expression on the face of the then-US president, which resembled that of her grandmother. However, the former POTUS refused to admit his vulnerability even to himself, according to The Reckoning, Our Nation’s Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal, penned by the daughter of Fred Trump Jr., who died from a heart attack in 1981.

In October 2020 Donald Trump was discharged from a military hospital after three days of treatment for COVID-19. Trump landed on the south lawn and climbed up the exterior staircase to the Truman balcony, “doing his best Mussolini imitation”, writes Mary Trump.

Mary Trump, who according to a LinkedIn profile since disabled worked as a certified professional life coach, added:

The book feeds into speculations that Donald Trump was more severely ill than the White House admitted at the time.

A February report in the New York Time claimed that the-then POTUS had depressed blood…

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