UK Defence Secretary Slams ‘Rotten’ US-Taliban Deal, Says NATO Shunned Calls to Stay in Afghanistan


Violence in Afghanistan has been on the rise since American and NATO troops began to withdraw from the country over the past several months, in sync with an agreement reached between the Taliban and the US in Doha in February 2020.

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has claimed that “nearly all of” NATO’s member states “were not interested” in Britain’s call to stay on in Afghanistan after the US withdrawal from the country.

He said the UK government was “saddened […] about all the blood and treasure that had been spent, that this was how it was ending [in Afghanistan]”.

The defence secretary added that the possibility of the UK unilaterally “putting a force” in Afghanistan “was not viable” because “we [Britain] would have had to take ourselves out of a lot of other places around the world”.

Wallace also slammed what he described as a “rotten deal” in reference to the agreement concluded between then-US President Donald Trump and the Taliban* last year that stipulated the withdrawal of American and NATO troops from Afghanistan within 14 months, among other things.

Referring to the NATO pullout, Wallace asserted that “again the West has been exposed as thinking you fix problems, not manage problems”.

UK General Slams British Troop Exit From Afghanistan as ‘Strategic Mistake’

Wallace was echoed by General Richard Barrons, the former head of Britain’s Joint Forces Command, who dubbed the current exit from Afghanistan “a strategic mistake”.


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