Iran Slams UK’s Accusations of Attacking Tanker Near Oman, Says Gulf Security is Tehran’s ‘Redline’

Israel, the UK, and several other western countries claim that Iran used its drones to attack the Israeli-operated tanker Mercer Street as it was sailing near the coast of Oman on 30 July. The vessel suffered a hit to its bridge that killed two members of its crew. Tehran, however, denies responsibility for the attack.

The UK government should focus on its own “responsibilities and duties” instead of making “irresponsible statements” such as accusing Tehran of being responsible for the attack on the Israel-operated Mercer Street tanker, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh stated during a weekly press briefing. Khatibzadeh added that London has been making a “chain” out of such statements in recent years.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman further warned the UK that Tehran takes the security of the Persian Gulf very seriously:

Khatibzadeh also stated that Tehran sees signs of “Israeli state terrorism” in the Red Sea and other waterways. The ministry’s spokesman claimed that while the UK and US remain silent about this alleged behaviour by the Israeli state, Iran will not.

The Mercer Street tanker suffered a hit to its bridge on 30 July as it was sailing through the Gulf of Oman. The attack by unknown perpetrators killed two crew members, including a British national. Israel was quick to blame Iran for the attack, claiming to have evidence supporting this theory. Soon afterwards the UK and the US also issued statements that Tehran was “highly likely” behind…

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