Here’s Why Israel-Russia Coordination in Syria Won’t Come to an End

A former Israeli colonel believes that the coordination between Russia and israel on Syria is not in jeopardy. The reason for this is a number of common interests, including the desire to avoid accidents in Syrian skies and the willingness to make sure that Iran doesn’t cement its position in the Arab country.

The upcoming days will be a test for Israeli-Russian coordination in Syria. The latter kicked off in 2015 following Moscow’s decision to become involved in the Syrian civil war after the repeated pleas of President Bashar al-Assad.

Following the exchange of fire on the Israel-Lebanon border on Friday, the assessment in the Jewish state is that another attack might still be looming. 

And it might emanate from Syria, where Tel Aviv has been periodically carrying out attacks on alleged Hezbollah and Iranian targets.

Coordination Under Question?

Now, Israel’s rather free hand in Syria might be coming to an end.

Recent Israeli reports quoting unnamed Russian sources suggest that Moscow has decided to pull the plug on its coordination with israel. They also stated that Russia has already begun to aid Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad in “closing off Syrian airspace to Israeli airplanes”. 

Russia has neither confirmed, nor denied these reports yet.

Such a shift in policy, says Lerman, would have far-reaching implications for both sides, and this is why he is doubtful Moscow would want to backtrack from its current course.

Russia and Israel have a number of common…

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