Denmark Promises to Evacuate Afghans Who Helped US-Led Mission, Sweden Says No


Amid the termination of the international mission in Afghanistan and the pullout of troops, violence has surged in the war-torn country, with the Taliban going on the offensive and winning swaths of territory.

Denmark plans to evacuate Afghans who worked for the Danish military in the country, the country’s Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod has said, following the example of the US.

“We are ready to evacuate particularly threatened employees in Afghanistan at very short notice and move the handling of their case from Afghanistan to Denmark”, Kofod told the newspaper Berlingske.

Kofod’s statement follows a debate on the fate of the Afghans that supported the Danish military during the nearly 20-year US-led mission. While it is not yet clear how the evacuation will proceed, Kofod said that Denmark won’t leave anyone in the lurch.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden promised to evacuate Afghans working for the American military in the country. While the decision involves some 18,000 personnel, including their families, the figure could grow up to 100,000 Afghans who could be granted asylum in the US.

Denmark’s neighbour Sweden, by contrast, intends to leave some 15 Afghan interpreters to their fate after a rejection by the Swedish Migration Board.

“We served with [the Swedish unit] and worked with them at the front. We were side by side, day and night. And this is the reward”, one of the interpreters told Swedish Radio.

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