Not Welcome: 9/11 Victims’ Relations Reportedly Demand Joe Biden Avoid Memorial Services


The relations of those who died on that tragic 11 September in 2001, have been trying for years to have the documents from the 9/11-related probes declassified – but all their attempts have been in vain.

Nearly 1,800 relatives of the 9/11 victims, first responders and survivors of the attack have signed a joint statement calling on US President Joe Biden to skip all memorial services related to the tragedy’s 20th anniversary this year, NBC News reported citing a statement which it had obtained, which has yet to be released.

The signatories reportedly argued that the president can’t visit places which are important to the families of the victims unless he fulfils his promise about reviewing the secrecy seal on some of the documents related to the 9/11 probes, specifically those related to the alleged involvement of the Saudi government in the attack.

The commitment the statement reportedly refers to, is the one that Biden made in October 2020, when he pledged to “hear all of [the] voices” of 9/11 families seeking “truth and accountability”. The then-presidential candidate promised to order the Attorney General to review all the cases where state secrets privilege was invoked to keep concealed the supporting documents related to the investigation into the origins of the 2001 terrorist attack on the US. Biden, however, did not promise that all or any of these files would be declassified as a result.

The relations of the 9/11 victims have for years…

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