China Resorts to Genetic Research on Tibetans to Nullify PLA’s Disadvantage Against Indian Troops


China, in January 2021, admitted that troops near the Line of Actual Control often catch a cold and fever because their respiratory systems and fitness levels have not yet fully adapted to the plateau’s environment, climate, low air pressure, and oxygen scarcity. Comparatively, India’s Ladakh Scouts are more acclimatised to the harsh terrain.

China has opened the world’s largest “plateau human genetic resources biological sample bank” in the Tibet region to improve the medical research and health support capabilities on the plateau. According to a report, published in the state-owned Global Times, experts, including the medical team of the People’s Liberation Army, have completed a large-scale field study on around 120,000 Tibetans over 15 years.

“Plateau diseases have high incidence and could be fatal, but the current technical means to treat it have been limited. Such sufficient biological support will contribute to the study of altitude sickness in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau”, Jin Jun, a professor from the Department of Cardiology, Xinqiao Hospital, was quoted as saying by the Global Times.

Indian analysts believe that gene mapping is a complex science and is in the nascent stage of development, but China seems to be making rapid strides in the collection of vast data that could be analysed using supercomputing machines and artificial intelligence.

“However, the Chinese focus on gene mapping in Uighur and Tibet, which are traditionally…

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