Israel’s Twitter Page Arouses Fury After Video Boasts of Water Management Accomplishments

Since 1967, Palestinians in the West Bank have been legally barred from sinking their own wells without a permit from the Israeli military, forcing them to buy water at inflated prices from Israeli water providers.

Twitter users are calling attention to the truth behind Israel’s water management system after the State of Israel’s official Twitter account posted a video boasting of its skill in the field.

Posted on Sunday, the video names five water management systems israel uses to “miraculously” get enough water in the arid region: recycling of used wastewater; drip irrigation; desalination of seawater; river rehabilitation; and moisture condensers used to pull water from humidity in the air.

​The claim that Jewish settlers “made the desert bloom,” as former Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol put it, is both a long-standing theme of Zionism and a cornerstone of Israel’s public diplomacy talking points. However, this time, Twitter users weren’t falling for it. They began to point out the other side of the story – the one where israel deprives its neighbors, as well as Palestinians under its rule, of an equivalent amount of water.

“By stealing Syria’s Golan Heights, rich in water, oil and occupied illegally since 1967,” replied journalist Richard Medhurst, who noted that as much as one-third of Israel’s water supply comes from the Golan, an area of highlands giving Israel control over parts of the Yarmouk River, most of the Jordan River and the…

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