UK Reportedly Considering ‘Range of Options’ Including Cyberattack Against Iran Over Tanker Strike

The Japanese-owned vessel Mercer Street, managed by London-based Zodiac Maritime, owned in turn by Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer, was struck by a drone off the coast of Oman on 29 July. One Romanian and one British national were killed. Israel, the UK and US accused Iran of being behind the attack, with Tehran rejecting the “baseless” accusations.

The UK government is reportedly considering a “range of options” against Iran, which has been blamed for the drone attack on an Israeli-linked oil tanker that killed a British security guard, according to The Sun.

A cyberattack would be most likely, according to “a senior defence source” cited by the outlet, who added:

“Nobody will see it here but they will be left in no doubt you cannot kill a Brit unchecked.”

On Monday night, a Special Forces team reportedly flew out to join the tanker and take charge of the investigation into the incident, with a source saying there was belief the British national had not been deliberately targeted.

British military commanders are purportedly working on plans for a strike against an Iran-backed “terror team”, according to The Mirror. The outlet reported that Israeli intelligence had located the area from which they suspected the drone attack targeting the oil tanker had been carried out.

It added that UK special forces in the region had been reinforced ahead of a “kill or capture mission”.

“This has reached [a] tipping point where Iran’s actions can no longer be…

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