‘Unlike BJP, We’re Not Influenced by the US, Israel’: Indian Left Denies ‘China Agent’ Accusations


In his new book, former Indian foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale, who has also served as ambassador to China, alleges that Beijing used its “close connections” with the left-wing parties to “build domestic opposition” to the India-US Civil Nuclear Agreement sealed by then-US pres. George W. Bush and Indian PM Manmohan Singh in 2005.  

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) has hit out at the ‘bourgeois parties’ like the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for being inspired by foreign powers such as the US and Israel, as it countered allegations that it was enlisted by China to scuttle a landmark Indo-US nuclear agreement.

Mollah said that the Left parties in India have “never acted under foreign influence”.

“Not agreeing to the (civil nuclear) deal was in India’s national interest,” argued Mollah. The former MP said that India has been “compromising” its non-aligned posture and now is “overtly influenced” by the US.

The BJP under Prime Minister Narendra Modi has often been accused by opposition outfits of tilting towards the US and also compromising India’s traditional “non-aligned” foreign policy posture on crucial global issues such as the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. For its part, the BJP denies the charges and claims to be working in the “national interest”.

In his new book ‘The Long Game: How the Chinese Negotiate with India’, Gokhale claims that Beijing manipulated Indian politicians to influence the decision-making…

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