Pro-Trump Social Network GETTR Reportedly ‘Exploited by Extremists’, Awash With Decapitation Videos

GETTR, a social media platform created by Jason Miller, a former aide and spokesman for Donald Trump, and launched officially on 4 July 2021, was advertised as an alternative to mainstream social media – including Twitter and Facebook – which would be “free of bias and censorship”.

GETTR, the fledgling pro-Trump social network launched a month ago by allies of the former president, is seething with “terrorist propaganda” and is becoming a safe haven for Daesh* extremists online, according to Politico.

It was originally advertised as an alternative digital platform which would be free of bias and censorship – particularly attractive to Trump, who had been kicked off Twitter and Facebook after Big Tech cancelled the accounts of the then-President and his Make America Great Again (MAGA) allies.

Officially launched on the Fourth of July by Trump’s former spokesman, Jason Miller, it was designed ostensibly to challenge Big Tech and mainstream social media.

However, according to a review of online activity, GETTR – which is meant to be an abbreviation of “getting together” as a community on social media – has been described as inundated with jihadi-related material, such as graphic videos of beheadings and viral memes promoting violence against the West.

The platform, partially funded by Miles Guo, business partner of former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, even includes memes of Trump himself being executed in an orange jumpsuit similar to those worn by inmates at…

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