Europe Risks New Wave of Refugees Over Civil War in Afghanistan, Danish Military Analyst Warns

According to David Vestenskov, the withdrawal of Western forces and the advance of the Taliban leaves the country with bleak prospects that include a fundamentalist Islamist regime or a complete chaos and a civil war in the already war-torn country.

The Taliban’s advances in Afghanistan after the West’s withdrawal is currently sending thousands of Afghans fleeing westward, David Vestenskov, a Defence Academy chief consultant who has been monitoring the situation in Afghanistan for ten years, told Danish Radio.

According to the UN refugee agency IOM, 30,000 Afghans flee their country each week, which is up to 40 percent more than before the international troops began to withdraw from the country. Even more are internally displaced.

This, according to Vestenskov, creates a risk of a new wave of refugees towards Europe.

In 2020, Afghanistan was the second-largest international provider of refugees, second to only Syria. In recent months, the situation has escalated, because the US-led Western forces that have been stationed in the country for the past two decades are on their way out.

The last Danish-deployed and other NATO forces left the country in June. With the exception of a few US units, the West has largely left Afghanistan. This, in turn, has provided opportunities for the Taliban, which is making rapid strides and taking over power in ever larger parts of the country.

According to Vestenskov, the fear is greatest among those who have worked for and supported the…

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