‘US Blaming Pakistan For Its Flawed Strategy in Afghanistan’, Says PM Imran Khan


Pakistan has been accused by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani of failing to prevent foreign terrorists from sneaking into Afghanistan and not doing enough to pressure the Taliban* to join peace talks. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has maintained that “no country had tried harder to get the Taliban to the dialogue table than Pakistan”.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has slammed the US for making a scapegoat of Pakistan for its own failures in Afghanistan.

Khan made a scathing attack on the US while talking to a delegation of journalists from Afghanistan who were on a visit to Pakistan under a programme organised by the Pak-Afghan Youth Forum in Islamabad. 

Replying to queries if the US will be allowed to use Pakistani soil for its operations in Afghanistan, the PM said, “My question is — what will the Americans achieve operating from Pakistan that they could not achieve after 20 years of operating from Afghanistan? All it will do is involve Pakistan in a conflict which Pakistan has nothing to do with. We have lost 70,000 Pakistani people and 150 billion US dollars while fighting the US War on Terror. We see absolutely no reason for the US to operate from within Pakistan”.

Khan was also asked as to why Pakistan is not initiating action against pro-Taliban forces within the country.

“We have consistently asked the Afghanistan government to tell us where the Taliban in Pakistan are supposed to be. There were drone attacks in the tribal areas, [the[…

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