Iran’s Intelligence Ministry Says It Shattered Mossad Sleeper Cell Plotting Mass Unrest

Middle East

Iran and Israel have no relations to speak of, and have waged a decades-long covert war involving cyberattacks, sabotage strikes against one another’s commercial shipping, the assassination of nearly a dozen Iranian nuclear scientists by Israeli agents, and more.

Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence has announced that it has uncovered a “Mossad terrorist” sleeper cell plot to sabotage and destabilise the situation in the Middle Eastern nation.

The unnamed official specified that the seized weapons included pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, and grenades, with arms reportedly meant to be “used to turn protests into riots” and to carry out assassinations.

The official said that the effort to uncover the terrorist sleeper cell was made possible through the monitoring of intelligence outside Iran, and extensive intelligence-operational measures by Iranian counterintelligence operatives. The Intelligence Ministry thanked members of the public, especially those in Iran’s western provinces bordering Turkey and Iraq, for their “constant vigilance,” and called on citizens to keep a lookout for any suspicious offers, especially online.

The ministry gave no word on how many alleged agents were captured, or their nationalities.

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