Afghan Troops Smash Taliban in Key Northern District, Push Militants Back From Uzbek, Tajik Borders

Almost all of Afghanistan’s neighbours have been forced to beef up security and prepare for a wave of instability, refugees and possibly even terrorist infiltration efforts amid the Taliban’s ongoing onslaught against the Kabul government in the wake of the ongoing US and NATO retreat from the country after 19+ years of occupation.

Afghan security forces supported by local residents have kicked the Taliban* out of Kaldar district – a strategic area of the northern border region of Balkh, which borders on Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, local media reported on Tuesday.

The operation to liberate Kaldar took place Monday morning, with security forces working with locals to push the Islamist group out of the area. About 20 militants were said to have been killed and scores more wounded in the operation.

The return of the district to government control comes amid ongoing clashes near provincial centers in Faryab and Takhar provinces, which are also situated in the country’s north, and in Ghazni in the country’s south.

Areas of Faryab, including Maimana city, saw fierce fighting over the weekend, with the Taliban have used mortars and rocket artillery to attack government targets. 16 people, including three civilians, were reportedly killed in the attacks on Maimana.

“We had clashes in 25 provinces in which the Afghan forces made progress,” Afghan National Security Forces spokesman Ajmal Omar Shinwari said in a statement to reporters. The general said some 1,500…

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