Norwegian Party Leader Calls Beheading of French Teacher Samuel Paty ‘Right-Wing Extremism’


With his opinion piece, Labour leader Jonas Gahr Støre left the public in doubt over whether Islamist radicals should be from now on counted as “right-wing extremists”.

Labour leader Jonas Gahr Støre has raised eyebrows by stating that the beheading of French teacher Samuel Paty was “one of the tragic consequences of right-wing extremist hatred”.

Previously, Labour were challenged by former deputy leader of the Anti-Racist Centre Ervin Kohn about their strategy for combating racial discrimination.

In his answer in the newspaper Vårt Land, Støre said that he “shared Ervin Kohn’s concern about the emergence of hatred and racism from extremist right-wing radical circles”, stressing that the Labour Party “knows all too well how hard and brutal actions taken by these attitudes can hit”, alluding to the shooting on the Island of Utøya orchestrated by Anders Breivik against the Labour youth wing, where 69 were killed and 110 maimed in the deadliest peacetime attack in Norway’s history.

Therafter, Støre goes on to list terrorist acts ostensibly motivated by “right-wing extremist hatred”.

“In recent years, there have been several attacks on synagogues across Europe, where people have been killed by extremists with anti-Semitic views. It is less than two years since Philip Manshaus took the life of his own sister, Johanne Zhangjia Ihle-Hansen. Police concluded that the murder was racially motivated. After the murder, Manshaus…

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