Jordan’s King Claims Country Has Been Attacked by Drones With ‘Iranian Signature’

Middle East

Relations between Jordan and Iran have been icy since the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Relations worsened further after Amman expressed support for the overthrow of the Syrian government of Bashar Assad in the early 2010s, which Iran supported diplomatically and militarily, and amid Jordan’s warm ties with Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II has alleged that his country has been attacked by Iranian-made drones.

Asked when these attacks took place, the king said that they occurred “in the past year or so.” He did not provide any additional information, such as who was using the drones or what they targeted, but went on to urge Amman’s American allies to discuss a range of security matters with Iran.

The king also complained about an alleged increase in Iranian “cyberattacks on many of our countries.”

Abdullah II not the first to accuse Iran of providing drones to foreign governments or militias. Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies have spent much of the past six years accusing Tehran of supplying advanced drones to Yemen’s Houthi militias. Iran has vocally denied these allegations, pointing to the severity of the coalition’s blockade of the country. The Houthis, meanwhile, maintain that their drones and missiles, which have been used to pound airports, military bases and oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, are homegrown. The United States has similarly accused Tehran’s “proxies”…

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