Iraq’s Foreign Minister Infuriates Shia Militia Groups by Claiming Baghdad ‘Needs US Troops’

Coalition forces remain in Iraq despite the fact that last year, the country’s parliament voted to end the presence of all foreign troops in response to a US drone attack near Baghdad International Airport that killed top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani.

Iraqi Shia militia groups have hit out at the country’s Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein over his recent statement about the importance of US forces staying in Iraq.

On Friday, the Iraqi Resistance Coordination Committee, an umbrella group comprised of Iranian-supported Shia factions, underscored the need for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq.

The committee also said that it will not allow the presence of any foreign soldier in their country under any ‘pretext’ such as “trainers and advisers or [to provide] air support”, slamming the US and international coalition forces for proving to be “a complete failure” in Iraq.

The same tone was struck by Qais Khazali, the secretary general of the Shia militant and political organisation Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq, who argued that Hussein’s remarks were “very unfortunate and unacceptable” for all those Iraqis who are proud of their military and security institutions.

Ammar Hakim, Iraqi Shia cleric and head of the political coalition National Wisdom Movement, voiced hope that the Iraqi delegation’s negotiations with the US would first of all focus on taking into account Baghdad’s interests.

“The Iraqi delegation should hold the negotiations in such a way that they…

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