WhatsApp CEO: Gov’t Officials from US Allied Countries Targeted by NSO Spyware

The statement comes following revelations that the company’s spyware Pegasus was used to target thousands of people across the world, including diplomats, opposition politicians, human rights activists, former and current heads of state. NSO has dismissed the report, which it described as “full of wrong assumptions”.

Senior government officials from countries that are US allies were among those targeted by NSO developed spyware, Will Cathcart, chief executive of messaging application WhatsApp, told the Guardian. Cathcart’s statement refers to the 2019 hacking attack on WhatsApp users, which is now the subject of a lawsuit brought by the company against NSO.

The chief executive said that individuals, who were targeted two years ago, included those who held high-ranking national security positions in their countries. At the same time, the spyware affected rank-and-file people, such as journalists or human rights activists, people as Mr Cathcart put it had “no business being under surveillance in any way, shape, or form”.

Are We All Unsafe?

The attack shares the same characteristics as the recent revelations about NSO’s spyware Pegasus, said the head of the messaging application

Last week 17 outlets led by the Paris-based non-profit journalism group Forbidden Stories published the results of a global investigation, which revealed that NSO-developed spyware Pegasus used by government worldwide to combat terrorism and crime, has been used to target hundreds of…

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