Taliban Beheaded Afghan Interpreter Who Was Working With US Troops, Report Claims

The purportedly slain man had been a US military interpreter for 16 months and had sought asylum in the US for security reasons. He was denied a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) because he had been fired in 2012 after failing a standard polygraph test. He never received an explanation for why he failed the polygraph.

After being attacked outside Kabul, the former US military local translator, Sohail Pardis, was reportedly decapitated by Taliban* militants, and his brutal killing has triggered new fears among translators, who fear attacks as Western coalition soldiers withdraw from Afghanistan, CNN reported on Saturday.

Citing the family members of the deceased, the news outlet stated that he was shot at and dragged from his vehicle while attempting to flee a Taliban roadblock on a road in Khost. Witnesses to the tragedy reportedly told the Red Crescent that the Taliban fighters shot his car before it veered and stopped.

According to the report, 30-year-old Pardis had told his friend just days before that he was receiving death threats from the Taliban after they found out he’d helped the US Army during their campaign in the country.

The lie detector screenings which Pardis reportedly failed were carried out by a third-party firm. According to media reports, hundreds of translators who failed the tests said they could not understand the questions and claimed them to be not reliable. Thus, their contracts were allegedly terminated for “unjust cause”, while the US…

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