Norwegian Security Service Warns of ‘Right-Wing Extremism’ Ahead of Breivik Attacks Anniversary


Among other things, the report emphasised the role of “conspiracy theories” such as white genocide and population replacement, as well as transgressive memes and cross-border humour as tools of recruitment and indoctrination.

Ahead of the ten-year anniversary of Anders Breivik’s terrorist attacks that left 77 dead and 150 wounded, the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) has published a searing report on the rise of “right-wing extremism” in the country.

PST wrote that “right-wing extremism in Norway” floundered with a “broken back” after the massive condemnations following the murder of the Ghanaian boy Benjamin Hermansen by neo-Nazis, but has now resurfaced and become a “transnational phenomenon”.

“Right-wing extremists emphasise to a greater extent than before a western, rather than national identity”, PST wrote, highlighting “conspiracy theories” like white genocide and population replacement, which imply that whites will become a minority in their own countries due to low birth rates and a heavy reliance on immigration. However, reports have suggested that Norway’s neighbour, Sweden, which has arguably the most lax immigration policy in all of Europe, will become minority Swedish at various points in the 21st century, depending on demographics.

Furthermore, “right-wing extremists” are said to have a broad, diverse, and ever-changing picture of the “enemy”, which includes external foes, such as “Jews,…

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