US Uses Slaying of Haitian President as Pretext for Further Occupation of the Country, Observers Say

At least seven of the 25 alleged Colombian mercenaries involved in the killing of Haitian President Jovenel Moise received US military training between 2001 and 2015 while serving in the Colombian armed forces, The Intercept reported last Saturday, citing a US government official.

Last week, the Pentagon confirmed to the Washington Post that a “small number” of suspected Colombian assassins had been trained by the US military. The DoD fell short of specifying how many, or when, or what type of training was provided. However, Adam Isacson, director of the Defense Oversight programme at the Washington Office on Latin America, revealed in an interview with The Intercept that between 2000 and 2018, the US administered the training of more than 107,640 Colombian security personnel, substantially exceeding any other military collaboration the US maintains in the region.

‘Moise Used to be a US Puppet’

Although the operation resembled a US-backed “coup d’etat” or high-profile assassination fomented via proxy mercenaries, it appears highly unlikely that Washington is behind it, according to Tamanisha John of Florida International University (FIU).

Moreover, Moise was very friendly to the US and could be de facto called a part of the US puppet regime in the country, according to the journalist: “He was able to become president because the Clintons actually went to Haiti under the former president, Michel Martelly, and picked Martelly, who then picked Moise.” On the other hand, the…

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