Chinese Air Force Increases Use of Simulators in Pilot Training, Reports High Efficiency

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force is increasing the use of simulators in pilot training, an approach that can significantly reduce costs, increase the training time of pilots and practice special scenarios that are hard to replicate with real aircraft, a WeChat public account affiliated with the PLA Daily reported on Sunday.

It also shows that China has established a technically advanced simulation training system, experts said on Monday.

An aviation brigade affiliated with the Air Force of the PLA Central Theatre Command started to use simulators to train pilots in 2019. By 2020 it had established a training simulation centre and proved that it is feasible to reduce training with real aircraft thanks to training simulations this year, the PLA Daily-associated WeChat account No. 34 Military Room said.

Yang Peng, a training staff officer of the brigade, noted that given the cost of aviation fuel, aircraft maintenance and the consumption of spare parts, the cost of training simulators is much lower.

Due to the high costs, pilots get fewer chances to practice with real aircraft. However, simulators will provide more opportunities for them to master flying techniques, the report said, noting that simulators can also replicate many scenarios that cannot be easily tested with real aircraft, including emergencies.

Starting this year, pilots will be using a type of simulator integrated with artificial intelligence that assists in training, learns from each…

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