Pentagon’s Top General Warns of ‘Great Power War’ as NATO Launches New Anti-Russia Atlantic Command

The Biden administration has continued its predecessors’ strategy of pushing Russia and China closer together thanks to hostile US sanctions policy and military maneuvers near the two countries’ borders.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley has warned of the dangers of a new global conflagration between the great powers while touting the Western alliance’s ability to stop such a scenario from becoming a reality.

Speaking at the inauguration of the new NATO Joint Force Command Norfolk, a joint operational command tasked with tackling a ‘Resurgent Russia’ in the Atlantic, on Thursday, Milley warned that JFC-NF’s mission in the event of war would be to “fight the Battle of the Atlantic.”

“I would tell you that the survival of NATO, the success or failure in combat in a future war in Europe, would largely depend on the success or failure of this command,” the general suggested, in a throwback to Cold War-style rhetoric.

Recalling World War II, “the bloodiest war in human history,” and the First World War which preceded it, Milley estimated that some 150 million people around the world were killed in or as a result of the two conflicts.

Detailing US casualties on the Western Front in WWII, Milley suggested that these losses were “the butcher’s bill of great power war,” and said that “that’s what this international order that’s been in existence for seven and a half decades is designed to prevent. That’s what JFC Norfolk is all…

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