Afghanistan Recalls Ambassador to Pakistan, Citing ‘Security Threats’


Relations between Kabul and Islamabad have deteriorated significantly amid allegations by Afghani authorities that Pakistan has provided support to Taliban fighters. Pakistani officials have brushed off the claims.

Afghanistan has recalled its ambassador to Pakistan, citing security concerns in the wake of the kidnapping of the diplomat’s daughter.

On Saturday, the Foreign Ministry reported that Silsila Alikhel, daughter of Ambassador Najibullah Alikhel, was kidnapped for several hours and tortured by unknown assailants on Friday while out and about in the Pakistani capital. She was later released from captivity and put under medical supervision, according to Kabul. Afghani officials summoned Pakistan’s ambassador to Kabul to lodge a “strong protest” over the incident.

In its statement on Sunday, Kabul reiterated its demand that the perpetrators of the attack on Ms. Alikhel be arrested and prosecuted.

Relations between Kabul and Islamabad have deteriorated sharply in recent weeks amid the ongoing withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan, which has led to a dramatic surge in fighting between the Afghan government and Taliban fighters. Earlier this week, thousands of Taliban militants were reported to have fled into Pakistan amid Afghan National Security Forces offensives to restore control over border areas. Injured fighters reportedly received treatment in at least one Pakistani hospital.

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