Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Says US Mission in Afghanistan ‘Failed’


After a nearly 20-year presence, US and NATO troops are leaving Afghanistan. The start of their withdrawal reportedly led the Taliban* to double down in its fight against government forces, allegedly taking over 80% of Afghanistan under its control.

Despite US President Joe Biden’s attempts to paint the withdrawal from Afghanistan as a result of Washington achieving its mission in the country, everyone understands that, in fact, America’s mission in Afghanistan failed, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said in an interview with journalists. He added that even people in the US see it this way.

The minister pointed out that Daesh* and al-Qaeda* had strengthened their positions and that drug production and trafficking are at all-time highs in Afghanistan. He claimed that around 90% of the global supply of narcotics originates from Afghanistan. The production of drugs is believed to be one of the main sources of income for the Taliban* and other groups in Afghanistan.

The foreign minister separately touched upon the issue of the US plans for redirecting part of its military resources from Afghanistan to nearby countries. Lavrov indicated that these plans had seemingly failed too.

Work on Afghanistan Continues

Despite the US withdrawal from the country, Moscow is ready to continue working with Washington and Beijing, as well as other states capable of influencing the situation in Afghanistan. The minister…

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