Angela Merkel Visits the White House; Iran Waits for New President to Resume Nuclear Talks

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is making her last round of visits to Washington as the leader of the massive European economic power.

Dan Lazare, investigative journalist and author of “America’s Undeclared War,” joins us to discuss Angela Merkel’s visit to Washington. Chancellor Merkel is expected to speak with President Biden about critical security issues including Ukraine and Nord Stream 2. Meanwhile, US media outlets are pushing the usual hawkish line in which Biden should admonish Merkel for failing to stop the pipeline project with Russia.

Kweku Lamumba, external relations coordinator for KOSSA, joins us to discuss Haiti. The head of the Haitian presidential guard is in custody and suspected of being involved with the recent assassination of Jovenel Moise. Also, Haitian activists are rejecting the idea of foreign troops returning, due to various issues from US and UN troops in the past.

Leo Flores, Latin America coordinator for Code Pink, joins us to discuss Cuba. Leo and Medea Benjamin penned an article about the US and Cuba. The article expounds on the effect of the blockades, online algorithms, and bots as US state department tools of hegemony and regime change.

Steve Poikonen, national organizer for Action for Assange, joins us to discuss Iran. Iran has announced that they have the capability to enrich Uranium to 90% anytime they choose, but are electing not to because they have no desire to utilize their program to make a nuclear weapon. Also, they are now…

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