Putin Voices Concerns About ‘Anti-Russia’ Project, Elaborates on Russian-Ukrainian Relations


Russian President Vladimir Putin has written an extensive article pondering the historical unity of Russians and Ukrainians, releasing it earlier in the week. The Ukrainian president, however, did not appear to share the sentiment and rejected Putin’s belief that Ukrainians and Russians are “brotherly” people.

Commenting on the Monday article about the peoples of Russia and Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he had been thinking about producing his writings for several months, referring to it as “analytical material based on historical facts, events, on historical documents.”

The Russian President revealed the origin of the article idea, saying that the situation required a closer look at our world.

The Russian president voiced particular concern in regard to what he said was the beginning of “active work on the ‘anti-Russia’ project”.

Elaborating on the concept of the Western ‘anti-Russia’ project, the president said it dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries, with a goal to weaken the country.

The current situation, according to Putin, is that “millions of people” in Ukraine want to restore relations with Moscow, but they are not given the chance to do so, as “political forces” that “support this normalization” are not provided with chances to fulfill their plans.

The Russian president outlined that every country has the right to choose its own path, but such choices should not pose a…

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