Afghan Special Forces Arrive in Kandahar to Fend Off Taliban Fighters, Only to Find Them Gone

Reports suggest that since the active phase of the US and NATO’s withdrawal from Afghanistan began, the Taliban* has managed to bring around 80% of the country’s territory under its control, attacking government forces as well as seizing cities and villages.

An Afghan special forces unit rushed to Khan Baba village in the southern province of Kandahar in order to repel Taliban* insurgents who had entrenched themselves there, according to a report Kabul received – only to find that the militants were long gone by the time they had arrived, Reuters reported.

According to a member of the unit, Major Mohammad din Tasir, the report received by the Afghan authorities claimed that some 300 Taliban fighters were planning to take the region of Kandahar under their control, but all the unit found was a few locals who had stayed despite the insurgent attack and several wounded soldiers of the Afghan security forces.

Apparently, Taliban fighters have been largely using hit and run tactics, avoiding large confrontations that would result in heavy casualties, Reuters said in its report. In Khan Baba village, they used RPGs and heavy machinegun fire to attack local security forces, only to then retreat before the country’s special forces arrived. According to Reuters, Afghan Air Force strikes against the attackers contributed to the outcome. Those Afghan soldiers who survived the attack but were wounded were taken to hospital by the newly-arrived troops.

Despite broadly using hit and…

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