Second US Base Near Syrian Oil Field Comes Under Attack, Local Media Say

Middle East

On Saturday, a US defence official confirmed that American troops had come under “indirect fire” by unknown forces in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor province. That attack took place at a base situated near the Conoco gas field, which is home to a large portion of Syria’s gas riches, and has been illegally seized by US forces and their local allies since 2017.

A US military base near the Omar oil field – Syria’s largest source of crude oil – has come under attack, the Syrian Arab News Agency reported Sunday, citing local sources.

Plumes of smoke were said to have risen from the area in the aftermath of the attack.

SANA gave no indication about who may be responsible for the rocket fire, or whether it resulted in any casualties or damage.

US forces and their allies have not yet commented on the incident.

Footage, yet to be authenticated, of the aftermath of the attack. Tweet reads: “Missile strikes on the Omar oil field in Deir ez-Zor, Syria, which US forces are using as a military base.”

This is reportedly the fourth time facilities near the Omar field have been attacked in the past week or so. On Wednesday, the Syrian Democratic Forces – a US-backed mostly Syrian Kurdish militia involved in the illegal occupation of eastern Syria – announced they had “thwarted” a drone attack in the area. However, pro-Syrian government media reported that a drone attack carried out on Thursday caused smoke to rise from the base…

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