Haiti’s Interim Prime Minister Says Late Pres. Moise Was Tortured to Death by Mercs, Vows Justice

19 suspects – 17 Colombian nationals and two American citizens of Haitian descent – have been arrested in the wake of the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise on 7 July. The Caribbean nation has been under martial law since, with interim authorities asking the US and UN to deploy troops to help secure strategic infrastructure.

Claude Joseph, the interim prime minister of Haiti, has said that President Jovenel Moise was tortured before his assassination, as he vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice, according to ABC News.

Joseph, who declared a two-week state of siege after Moise’s killing, said his main focus was to bring justice to the murdered President’s family.

When questioned about the political power struggle that unfolded directly after the assassination, Joseph responded:

Power Vacuum

Claude Joseph was appointed by Moise in April to be the country’s acting Prime Minister after Joseph Jouthe resigned. However, on 6 July, a day before Moise was killed, he appointed Ariel Henry to succeed Joseph.

While some claim that Joseph’s assuming power is unconstitutional, he enjoys the support of the US and UN. Helen La Lime, the United Nations’ special envoy for Haiti, said on Thursday that Joseph would lead the country until new elections, planned for September and November, have been held.

However, on Friday, Haiti’s Senate, the sole currently remaining body of elected officials in the country’s government, voted to elect Senate President Joseph…

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