NATO Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan Leaves Locals Under ‘Uncontrollable Fire’ as Taliban Surges

The withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan, to be completed by 11 September, comes amid a surge in violence by the Taliban movement, as it seizes dozens of districts in the country’s north. Afghan interpreters have been increasingly facing threats for helping foreign forces throughout the last 20 years of the war in their native land.

Afghans are “afraid for their lives” and feel “helpless” in the face of the Taliban* onslaught sweeping across the country.

According to a former soldier, people are scared for their future amid fears the government could collapse once the last of the US and NATO troops have been withdrawn from the country.

Amid the ongoing departure of foreign forces from Afghanistan, set to be completed by 11 September, the emboldened Taliban movement has been taking advantage of the situation and seizing swathes of territory from government forces.

According to the unnamed Afghan, the Taliban were sure to target all those people that worked [with] foreigners. The situation will grow even worse once the movement claims control of the whole of Afghanistan, the individual added.

As forces are withdrawing from Afghanistan, thousands of Afghans who have served alongside the troops as translators or interpreters remain in the country fearing Taliban retaliation. Relocation options vary from country to country.

In June, the New York Times reported that Washington would relocate between 20,000 and 100,000 Afghan citizens who worked for…

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