‘Biological Experiments’ by China on PLA’s Han Soldiers Risk to India, Warns Ex-Indian Colonel


The world’s largest genome research organisation, Shenzhen-headquartered BGI Group, jointly developed prenatal tests with the PLA and then sold them to millions of women living in nearly 52 nations across the world. It’s alleged that the prenatal tests have been used to “collect genetic data for a sweeping research” on population traits.

A gene research programme being jointly undertaken by Chinese company BGI Group and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has direct security implications for India, a retired Indian Army Colonel and a defence analyst Jaibans Singh has warned.

UK-based Reuters agency reported on 7 July that BGI Group has published studies on interactions between genes and drugs to protect “Han” soldiers stationed at high-altitude regions from “brain surgeries”. These studies “refer to soldiers stationed in Tibet and Xinjiang, high plateau regions which border India’s Ladakh, where fighting broke out last June,” as per the news agency.

Singh, who has served at the China border during his tenure, adds that the PLA has always been “uncomfortable” with the idea of high-altitude warfare, as most of Chinese population is concentrated along the country’s eastern seaboard.

Twenty Indian soldiers and 4 PLA troops were killed when both armies clashed at the Galwan Valley, one of the friction points at the 3488-km Line of Actual Control- a loosely demarcated border between India and China. Indian Army and the PLA have been…

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