US Troop Exit From Afghanistan: White House Still Mulling Policy on CIA Drone Strikes, Report Says


The ongoing withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan comes amid reports that the pullout may disrupt a CIA network in the country, and have a negative impact on the agency’s secret missions there, including drone strikes.

The Biden administration’s National Security Council is reportedly still considering “raising the bar” for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Pentagon to conduct Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) strikes and commando raids in Afghanistan once US troops are withdrawn from there.

Over the past few years, this technical distinction has had a significant impact on how freely the US could use lethal drone strikes and commando raids in terrorism hotspots like Somalia and Yemen.

The Trump administration allowed commanders in the field to make targeting decisions under their own authority, but the Biden team moved to review the rules.

The insiders claimed that membership in al-Qaeda* or Daesh* would not necessarily be automatic grounds for a drone strike under the possible new rules.

“The new framework under consideration would require a more thorough interagency vetting process and more extensive White House involvement before the CIA conducts a lethal operation in Afghanistan”, the sources stressed.

US Troop Withdrawal May Disrupt CIA Network in Afghanistan

The remarks followed US media reports that the withdrawal of all American forces from Afghanistan will most likely disrupt a CIA network that was created there more than…

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