US Military Sneaks Dozens More Wheat- and Oil-Laden Trucks Out of Energy-Starved Syria, Report Says

Middle East

The United States and its Syrian Kurdish allies have taken control of wide swathes of eastern Syria, which contains the vast majority of the country’s oil and gas resources, and is its traditional breadbasket. The theft of these resources has forced Syria’s Russian and Iranian allies to provide the country with emergency fuel and food aid.

The US’s pillaging of eastern Syria appears to be continuing unabated, with the Syrian Arab News Agency reporting Sunday that over 45 vehicles loaded with wheat and oil have left the Rmelan area in northeastern Hasakah province heading for the unofficial al-Waleed border crossing with Iraq.

The news comes less than 24 hours after a separate incident, during which 37 tankers carrying oil illegally pumped from the Syrian region of Jazira and several trucks and refrigerators carrying unknown cargoes made their way for the al-Waleed crossing. In that instance, SANA’s sources said multiple tankers were fitted with large covered boxes, and that the convoy was accompanied by machine gun-armed support vehicles said to belong to the Syrian Democratic Forces – the US-allied, predominantly Kurdish militia which enjoys de facto control over much of eastern Syria.

The reported shipment of resources and equipment comes amid warnings by Washington late last month telling US allies in the Middle East to think “very carefully” about any plans to normalise relations with Syria,…

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