Russia Working on Updated Concept for Security in the Persian Gulf, Lavrov Says


Russia first unveiled a ‘Security Concept for the Persian Gulf Region’ in mid-2019, in the aftermath of a series of dangerous and destabilising incidents including tanker seizures, sabotage attacks, and the shoot down of a $200 million US spy drone over Iranian airspace – which nearly prompted Washington to launch strikes into Iran.

Russia is working on an updated concept for security in the Persian Gulf region, and will present it soon, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has announced.

The Russian Persian Gulf security concept drafted in 2019 proceeds from the inadmissibility of large-scaled armed confrontation in the strategic region, and calls for collective work to establish a consensus and compromise-based solutions to reduce tensions. It includes the consolidation of a single counter-terrorism coalition, a commitment to adhere to international law and the United Nations Charter, a universal and comprehensive security system for the Gulf area which respects the interests of all regional and other parties, military transparency, arms control, strengthening of a nuclear non-proliferation regime in the Middle East, and other measures.

Syria Consensus

In his remarks Friday, Lavrov said Moscow and Manama has a “mutual understanding” of the joint efforts needed to stabilise the situation in the Middle East and North Africa. Lavrov praised Bahrain’s decision to return its embassy to Damascus, Syria.


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