‘Getting to a Crunch Point’: UK Troops Will Reportedly Wrap Up Afghanistan Pullout ‘Within Days’

The UK has been drawing down the presence of its military personnel as part of the NATO mission in Afghanistan after US President Joe Biden announced American troops would be pulled out by 11 September – the 20th anniversary of the al-Qaeda* attacks on his country that prompted the US-led intervention in the first place.

British troops will be pulling out of Afghanistan “within days”, according to UK defence sources, with no precise details released yet due to security reasons, reported the Daily Mail.

Over 200 Black Watch soldiers of the 3rd Battalion, the Royal Regiment of Scotland, will fly home in the next few days, wrapping up the UK’s 20-year deployment to Afghanistan, says the outlet.

A flag-lowering ceremony, typically used to mark the end of such a deployment, will also reportedly be held alongside US forces to honour the 456 British troops who have died in the country since the start of the campaign.

Up until now, no official images have yet been released of any flag-lowering ceremonies. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) on Friday released a statement and photographs about the return of a detachment of three Puma helicopters and 55 military personnel.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to chair a National Security Council meeting on Monday as reports claim British special forces could retain a presence in Afghanistan. A small number of regular troops may also be required to stay on in the country, according to UK media, citing Whitehall sources, to keep…

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