Two drones dropped 2 kg ‘high grade’ IEDs from 100 m height, flew back

Payloads of more than 2 kg each in improvised explosive devices (IEDs) fitted with impact charges were dropped on the Indian Air Force Station in Jammu on Saturday night, preliminary investigations have revealed.

Sources in the security establishment said there is evidence that two drones were used in the terrorist attack, and that a “high grade” explosive was used.

“The sentry at the base heard two separate whirring sounds followed by two blasts at an interval of six minutes. No remains of drones were found at the site, so it is suspected that they dropped their payload and went back,” a security establishment officer told The Indian Express.

A team each from the Bomb Data Centre of the National Security Guard (NSG) and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) were investigating at the IAF base. Jammu Police have registered an FIR on terrorism charges.

“Preliminary probe reveals that the payload may have been dropped from a height of at least 100 metres. The IEDs were fitted with impact charge where the detonation either happens immediately on impact or a few moments later,” another security establishment officer said.

“Total payload on each drone was more than 2 kg. The explosive is high grade and may be RDX, but conclusion can be drawn only after proper forensic examination,” this officer added.

Sources said the origin of the drones remains under investigation.

“There is suspicion that they came from Pakistan, as such drones have…

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