Sensitive UK MoD Docs Reportedly Suggest London Planned HMS Defender Provocation as Media Stunt

A Royal Navy warship entered the waters near the Crimean Peninsula on 23 June and sailed through them despite demands by Russian forces to leave the area. Moscow considers these waters part of its territory since a 2014 referendum in which Crimean residents voted to join Russia. The UK, however, does not recognise the results of the vote.

A bundle of sensitive British Ministry of Defence documents, found by a member of the public at a bus stop, contained information about the 23 June HMS Defender incident near the shores of the Crimea, as well as other sensitive military information, the BBC has reported, citing the obtained papers.

The documents, dated 21 June, reportedly contained an analysis of the potential consequences of the warship’s passage through the waters, deemed by Russia as part of its territory. They also purportedly included information regarding the UK’s operations in Afghanistan amid the US withdrawal from the country and London’s thoughts on new US President Joe Biden and his administration.

The papers, cited by the British broadcaster, suggested that London expects increased threats towards its military personnel in Afghanistan, should the country decide to leave individuals behind following the US pull-out. The troops are reportedly already lacking awareness about the situation on the ground and even though they haven’t faced Taliban attacks for over a year, this could change in the future. According to the papers, London isn’t ruling out a complete…

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