London Bridge Terrorist Usman Khan’s Accomplice Walked Free for Five Months After Attack – Report


This came as news to the authorities that Mohammed Shahjahan, 36, who was imprisoned with Khan and seven other terrorists in 2012 for planning to bomb then-London Mayor Boris Johnson, as well as Big Ben and the Stock Exchange, was seeing his wife on the university campus on a regular basis while on probation.

An accomplice and terrorist cell leader of Usman Khan, who carried out the Fishmongers Hall terror attack near London Bridge in the UK’s capital city, was allowed to walk free for five months behind the authorities’ back, The Mirror reported.

Under the rules of his probation, Shahjahan was allowed to visit his wife, but he should have alerted the authorities.

Shahjahan was automatically released on a conditional basis in 2019, just months before Khan, who was released in 2018 despite a prison psychologist’s assessment that he reportedly posed a “very high risk of serious harm” to the public.

And the majority of the trips that occurred between October 2019 and April 2020 reportedly took place after Khan’s murderous attack on London Bridge, during which time Shahjahan was not investigated.

According to the report, when police learned Shahjahan had broken his probation, they raided his home, discovering a list of contacts for senior radicals housed in the UK’s most secure prisons. And despite police concerns about the prospect of more terrorist activity, Shahjahan was not charged criminally for possessing the…

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