House Demands Biden Provide Detailed Evacuation Plan for Afghans Who Helped US Forces – Report

The US is expected to evacuate Afghan citizens who served as interpreters, drivers, security guards and embassy workers for the US troops, as well as their families, to third countries to avoid them risking their lives while awaiting their immigration visas to be processed in Afghanistan.

US lawmakers have questioned the White House’s plan to evacuate tens of thousands of Afghan nationals who helped the US forces in Afghanistan as crucial questions in this process remain unanswered, The Hill reported on Saturday.

Meanwhile, officials have been vague about when, where, and how the evacuation of those Afghanistan nationals who assisted US forceswill actually occur.

He added that although he “appreciates” the Biden Administration’s commitment to evacuating as many Special Immigration Visas (SIV) candidates as possible (while the very process of obtaining visas can take several years), “but that doesn’t mean much until they put words to action.”

“They need to start answering some of these basic questions if we are to believe they will actually follow through,” McCaul added.

Since the Biden administration announced plans to leave Afghanistan by the 9/11 20th anniversary, it has been pressed to expedite the processing of the 18,000 Afghans who have already applied for SIVs, as well as the 53,000 family members who want to join them in the US.

This problem becomes especially important in light of the fact that Afghans who collaborated with the US receive death threats…

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