Blast at IAF base in Jammu: Drone usage likely

In what could be the first such instance of a cross-border attack, security officials suspect that a drone was used to carry out Sunday’s blast at an IAF base in Jammu, sources said.

The drone is likely to have been rigged with IEDs which exploded on impact, sources added.

The security establishment has been dealing with the threat for a while now, with several instances being recorded of drones dropping weapons, drugs and explosives in Jammu and Punjab regions in the past two-three years.

“Use of drones for surveillance has been there for many years. Even we use them. But in the past few years, we have seen increasing use of drones for dropping of weapons and explosives. We have seen them dropping assembled IEDs for future use. The Jammu attack is the first instance of drones being used directly for an attack. These quad-hexacopter drones can carry payloads in excess of 14-15 kg. That makes them quite a threat as so much explosive can cause quite extensive damage,” a security establishment officer said.

Just over a month ago, on May 14, the Border Security Force (BSF) had detected weapons dropped by a suspected Pakistan drone in Jammu. On specific information regarding dropping of arms and ammunition by a drone in the Samba border area, BSF troops carried out a search operation in Samba sector and recovered an item wrapped in yellow polythene from a field. One AK-47 assault rifle, one pistol, one magazine, 15 rounds for a 9 mm weapon, one wooden…

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