Black Ops in the Black Sea; McAfee’s Mysterious Death; Facebook Acting Shady on Fake Users

Facebook refuses to discuss whether they will adhere to their policies on fake users when the US government is the perpetrator of false and/or misleading information.

Scott Ritter, former UN weapon inspector in Iraq, joins us to talk about the incident in the Black Sea. A British ship breached Russian waters off the coast of Crimea and warning shots were fired. The UK diplomatic representative was addressed by the Russian government and admonished for the naval confrontation. Craig Murray argues that the move was a reckless provocation by the British government.

Shane Stranahan, co-host of Faultlines, joins us to discuss the death of tech mogul John McAfee. Mcafee was found dead in a Spanish prison cell under questionable circumstances. He had previously warned that if he died it would not be suicide. Also, Edward Snowden argues that after the untimely demise of both McAfee and Epstein, Julian Assange could be next.

Ted Rall, political cartoonist and syndicated columnist, joins us to talk about the New York primaries. A Democratic socialist candidate beat a four-term incumbent in the mayoral race for the Buffalo City government leadership. Also, the US Navy counter-terrorism training guide says that socialists are terrorists and puts them in the same category as neo-nazis.

Steve Poikonen, national organizer action4Assange, joins us to talk about Facebook. A recent Newsweek article revealed that the Pentagon has a 60,000 person army working on both domestic and foreign…

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