Pentagon Press Secretary Dismisses Incident with HMS Defender as ‘Russians Trying to Spin Events’

The Russian Ministry of Defence stated on Wednesday that the UK destroyer HMS Defender had entered its territorial waters off the coast of Crimea in the Black Sea deliberately as a provocation, with a Russian border patrol vessel firing warning shots at the warship, as the British side repeatedly made contradictory statements about the incident.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby weighed in on the recent incident with the British destroyer HMS Defender and a Russian patrol ship in the Black Sea near Crimea, as he gave a press briefing on 24 June.

Kirby was asked about the events that saw the Russian vessel fire warning shots at HMS Defender, which violated the state border of the Russian Federation, entering three kilometres into its territorial waters, near Cape Fiolent, in the northwestern part of the Black Sea.

The retired Unites States Navy rear admiral, who currently serves as Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, responded by saying:

The Russian Embassy to the United States was swift to slam the “disinformation” accusations lobbed against Russia by Kirby as “groundless”.

The embassy wrote on its Twitter page that the US was “denying the obvious” harbouring “illusions” regarding the actual situation in Crimea.

‘Clear Provocation’

Amid contradictory statements from the sides involved in the incident, as the British military claimed its warship the HMS Defender had conducted an entirely peaceful passage and denied warning…

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